Moscow Mutiny

The Moscow Mutiny is a feature-length documentary that follows members of several antifascist and anarchist groups throughout the 2012 anti-Putin protests in Russia.

Applying the principle of “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the verit√© film features no commentary, explanation or introduction, just a raw slice of unembellished Russian reality. It’s a glimpse behind the scenes of a cut-throat, totalitarian society and a testament to the brazen few who stand up against it.

The project is intended as a humble reflection on the strengths and shortcomings of the contemporary wave of worldwide protests, in the hope that its story can inspire and assist all those who are sincere in their goals.

110 Min, Russian with English subtitles
Filmed entirely on location in Moscow, Russia in 2012
Directed, edited and co-produced by Ikiru, Camera by Jide Akinleminu, 2014 © Ikiru/B&K