Sometimes I wonder

A documentary film workshop, initiated by the Goethe Institute in Lagos, Nigeria.

Under the main theme of “Spirit & Spirituality”, the participating film students were to cooperate on short essayistic documentaries in which they would reflect upon there respective religions. The framework of the workshop (lectures and discussions) was also documented.

The resulting 45 minute collaborative documentary consists of two main personal essays and fragments of the workshop itself that reveal the heated discussions that could occur and the main setting of the workshop.

The workshop was held in 2 fortnight sessions, the second of which I conducted. I also contributed with additional camera work and final editing of the film.

“Spirit & Spirituality” Documentary film workshop:

led by Matthias Luthardt, Jens Wenkel, Jide Akinleminu
Supported by Victor Okhai

Funded by Goethe Institute, Lagos
Participants: Debra-Love-Balogun, Bridget Okhai, Yinka Edwards, Oscar Enamino, Iwajomo Folasakin, Isaac Garland, Ahmed B. Kayode, Titilola A. Kayode, Ehizieje Ojesebholo, Tina Okhai

Excerpt 1 – “The students discuss”, filmed by Jide Akinleminu, edited by Mathias Luthardt

Excerpt 2 – “Tina’s Essay (excerpt)”, filmed by Isaac Garland, narrated by Tina Okhai, edited by Jide Akinleminu