a shortfilm by Mischa Badasyan
Camera by Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll & Jide Tom Akinleminu

“I am very sorry if you don’t have a sister
You think you are strong enough
But it is just a lie
Sisters are always around or even inside of you
Don’t hide it, don’t feel ashamed
Be proud of your sister
She is tender and soft but strong as a warrior
She knows how to fight and protect herself
Don’t make her angry
Her ancient power is absolute
Don’t destroy yourself by escaping
Embrace her beauty and become a fighter
She doesn’t know any rules
Her goal is to survive
She would be able to kill
And demolish any barriers
As she is a:
Dogface, Soldier, Legionary,
Regular, Trooper, Cavalier,
Cuirassier, Dragoon, Grunt,
Commando, Raider, Jarhead,
Ranger, Gunner, Musketeer,
Lancer, Combatant, Lifer,
Warhorse, Recruit, Knight,
Digger, Gulow Glass, Gendarme
My sister is an epic story
Of facing incredible odds
To unite with you
And form a new human life
It is the story of all of us”