Jide Tom Akinleminu

No U-Turn

In his first documentary, a Nigerian director embarks on a personal journey. As a young man, he took the route from Nigeria via Benin, Mali and Mauritania to Morocco, hoping to get to Europe from there.

Death on the streets

An existential journey of disenchantment that cuts right through the soul of the American inland, juxtaposing the shiny promises of the past with the harsh reality of a bleached-out Dream.

Family of Choice

“Voguing, one of ballroom’s most iconic expressions, has become an integral part of pop culture. Artists like Madonna and Beyoncé have been inspired by this community and culture that emerged in New York in the 1960s as a resistance movement in the African American, Latinx, queer and trans scene. Georgina, an international ballroom legend and Read More…

Eric vs Stehfest

Twelve therapy sessions, no taboo subjects and the camera is right there. For the twelve-part documentary series “Eric vs Stehfest: In Therapy”, TVNOW accompanies actor and bestselling author Eric Stehfest during his psychotherapy, where he wants to find out who he is and where he wants to go.

Moscow Mutiny

The Moscow Mutiny is a feature-length documentary that follows members of several antifascist and anarchist groups throughout the 2012 anti-Putin protests in Russia. Applying the principle of “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the verité film features no commentary, explanation or introduction, just a raw slice of unembellished Russian reality. It’s a glimpse behind Read More…